Chocolate Mushroom Elixir – “Sacred Heart Delight”


Chocolate Mushroom Elixir – “Sacred Heart Delight” is a tasty microdosing drink mix that helps you open your heartconnect deeply with yourself & others, and feel joyful energy.

This magical drink mix combines the Four Masters (Chaga, Lion’s Mane, Reishi & Turkey Tail mushrooms), and the adaptogenic superfood Maca with our SoulCybin Proprietary Blend*, organic cacao, and other special ingredients listed below.

*Our SoulCybin Proprietary Blend is an exclusive strain that we are constantly perfecting.

Serving Size: Two (2) Tbsp. per Drink = 100mg SoulCybin Proprietary Blend. Approximately 28 Servings per 16 oz. Bag